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Corfu Guide

Corfu, the queen of the Ionian Sea

Corfu is an island which combines stunning beauty, cosmopolitan finess and a long history.  No top-five list of Greek islands would be complete without CorfuThe indisputably ravishing diamond of the Ionian Sea, Corfu offers: green landscape which is the most remarkable one in the Mediterranean Sea, unique culture, an ideal climate, magnificent shores, exotic beaches and splendid entertainment.

 Situated on the north-western coast of Greece, Corfu is a thriving island with rich cultural heritage.  Visitors with a taste for history will enjoy wandering through the narrow, cobblestone streets of the city Centre well-renowned as “kantouniaas well as the popular area of Kampielo”   in the Old City of the island and explore historically significant palaces and castles, picturesque villages and archaeological sites.  Lovers of art and architecture fans will be fascinated by the wide variety of museums (the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Asian Art, etc.) and buildings which denote that Corfu has been a crossroad of civilizations that have profoundly affected its culture and the mentality of its citizens.  The Achillion Palace in Gastouri (built in 1890 as a summer residence for the empress of Austria Elizabeth), Saint Michael and Saint George’s Palace in the city Centre, Mon Repos in Garitsa, the Old and the New Fortress (a marvelous sample of the Venetian architecture), the monastery of Palaiokastritsa dedicated to Virgin Mary built on an isolated steep hill, the churches of Saint Spyridon – who is the Patron of the island and Saint Theodora (Mitropolis), Mount Pantokrator (it is the highest mountain on the island, 906 meters) on top of which a monastery is built and the view is breathtaking, Kanoni and the Mouse island (Pontikonisi) are only few of the places that undoubtedly worth paying a visit.

 What makes though Corfu such a popular summer destination is the warm Mediterranean climate which certainly captivates tourists and allows them to enjoy various activities.  Intrepid explorers and sports enthusiasts can try extreme sports, water sports such as underwater fishing as well as scuba diving, mountain climbing, hiking, cycling and jogging along the scenic seafront for the less adventurous.  As for sun-lovers, Corfu boasts not only sandy isolated or cosmopolitan beaches but also beaches with crystal clear waters surrounded by lush vegetation – Palaiokastritsa, Glyfada, Ermones, Liapades, Peroulades, Acharavi, Arkoudilas, Sidari, Agios Gordios are only a few of them.  It is a remarkable fact that Blue Flags have been awarded to the majority of Corfu’s beaches by theFoundation for Environmental Education(FEE).  In addition, the Ionian Sea, which is also known as the lake of the Mediterranean Sea, is a peaceful body of water which is ideal for cruises, sailing and a wide variety of sea activities.

Corfu also hosts numerous events throughout the year, in particular concerts performed by the local philharmonic bands, which form an integral part of the musical tradition and legacy of the island.  The tremendous contribution of the local conservatoires and theatres to the field of music should certainly be emphasized.  Last but not least, a special reference should be made to the celebration of Easter, which is a lifetime experience, during which numerous customs and religious celebrations take place.  For instance,  the Epitaphs make their appearance on every corner of the island on Good Friday, accompanied by the local philharmonic bands whose mournful sounds create an unforgettable atmosphere evoking unprecedented feelings, ceramic pots (“mpotides”) are thrown off windows on Easter Saturday morning at 11 o’clock (First Resurrection) – a custom which dates back to the Venetians who used to dispose of all their old things in order to bring happiness while the highlight of the same day is the Resurrection at the biggest square of the island at midnight.  The dark blue mantle of the sky is ripped off by a spectacular display of fireworks leaving thousands of visitors ecstatic at their view!

 Feasts organized at the picturesque villages of the island, an astonishing variety of festivals and, of course, the processions which take place in memory of Saint Theodora and the Patron Saint Spyridon should be added to the long list of events and festivities.  In addition, Corfu offers vibrant nightlife to suit all tastes and budgets.  It goes without saying that no visitor should leave the island without indulging themselves in traditional food and delicacies.

 Despite its cosmopolitan feel since in the past it was a tourist destination only   for royalty, privileged and noble people, Corfu retains its Greek character as well as its traditional style and any visitor can see how successfully the old and the modern worlds can co-exist.


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